8 Hour Trips

1 – 2 Anglers (700 dollars)

3 – 4 Anglers (800 dollars)

Fishing Waders Provided

Planning Your Adventure

Our experienced team operates a massive 21 foot Storm Custom Weld jet boat that is able to tackle even the toughest of water conditions when necessary. Because we care so much about our adventurers, we ensure that all of our travelers have a life jacket handy at all times. Our team specializes in 8 hour day trips and multi day trips upon request.


To confirm booking, we require a 25% deposit upon your booking day.

The full payment is required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled trip day.

Cancellations that must be made require 2 weeks notice prior to the scheduled trip date.

Before you can journey with Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing, we require a signed waiver by every member of your party and it must be returned to us upon the submission of your payment.

If for some wild reason the fish don’t bite, the second trip is on us.

Please refrain from carrying bananas on to the craft.

If you have any questions about booking availabilities, prices or safety policies don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Thank you,

Your Friends at Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

**For larger groups, parties, and corporate deals, email us at**

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Author: Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Charters is the #1 destination for your favorite game fish that’s grown imperative in such a short space of time, and anglers come from all around the world for these fishing charters, and for the thrill of pursuing monster sized sturgeon as they leap their way along the river.

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