About the Fraser River

The Fraser river is said to stretch at 1,375 Km making it the largest and longest river in British Columbia. It was named after Simon Fraser who was an explorer and it’s the 5th largest river in Canada. It has a source from the Yellowhead Lake in British Columbia at the Alberta border which flows to the Strait of Georgia which is its mouth. This river is fed by melting glaciers, heavy rain, snowfall and joined by Chilcotin, Nechako and Stuart rivers. A watershed of 233,000 Km2 is drained by the Fraser River making it about 1/3 of the BC. The Fraser River was used as a source of food and as a transportation river by most people in the region.

Forty one species of freshwater fish have made the Fraser river their home, they include Northern squawfish, brook and rainbow trout, longfin and surf smelt, pacific and river lamprey, redside shiner, eulachon, lungnose dace, pea mouth chub, most of sucker species and the prickly sculpin. There are also around 19 species which are marine or migratory fish that spend some periods in the Fraser river water.

Salmon fishing is very eye-catching in this river. Salmon fisheries which are most productive have a home in the tributaries and the Fraser River thus it produces most of them unlike other river systems. In a year there is an average number of between 20 to 50 million salmon fish. There are 5 species of the pacific salmon found in the Fraser River and they include coho, sockeye, chinook, pink and chum.

The White Sturgeon which is the largest game fish of North America and the best in game fishing is said to live in the Fraser River. It has the largest population of the white sturgeon fish in the world. This river attains a weight of up to 1000 lbs because of the sturgeon fish in it thus it attracts most people who come each year to break personal bests. The sturgeon getting hooked and jumping out of water gives the best experience.

For those people who want to have the best experience with BC fishing experience and enjoy seeing the best sceneries, the Fraser River is the place to visit. Most people fished from it for over 37 seven years and love it even more.

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